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What Is The Leaderless Vision

Leaderless Uses Disruptive Technologies And Leadership Skills To Educate People About Leading Humanity Into A Values-based, Transparent, Self-organizing Society.

What if enough technology exists today to remove corruption and do everything ourselves?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and with it comes many job losses due to automation, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and technologies like Blockchain. This is the problem we're solving — preparing people for the digital age and moving people away from corrupt governments.

2 minute video about the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Upskill and Outwit

Join Leaderless so that you can upskill and upgrade in order take ownership of your own life.

Leaderless is a positive disruptive education platform where people can share ideas that provoke new ways of thinking with one another in order to create new opportunities. The platform is non-religious, non-sexist and non-racial with only one purpose - to educate.

Disruptive Innovation - to challenge the social norms and methods by finding and implementing alternate practical solutions.

Leaderless is a non profit business. As social entrepreneurs, the profits we make is used to grow our team, build the platform and build digital literacy schools called Ogel Schools where the ideas shared on the Leaderless platform can be replicated and taught to everyone.

The central objective of Leaderless is to teach the value of ownership by generating content in people's own language and showing them how to innovatively disrupt everything from energy, communication, transport, finance, business, education and more.

Join for free and if you choose to invest in Leaderless, you will help us devote all of our time to build the platform and employ a strong team around Leaderless so that we can get the much needed content of this platform to every corner of the planet.

If you subscribe and become a member of Leaderless, we will be hyper transparent about our finances* so you will see every transaction that goes in and out of Leaderless. 

We're making this bold statement for ourselves to live up to.

What Elon Musk means for the environment, Leaderless will be for Education.

Leaderless is broken up into two parts.


Online, is the collaboration part of Leaderless. Here, people can bring together their skills and knowledge to come up with new ideas to solve problems. We have broken this up into the following sectors.

  • Money: With the rise of crypto currencies - how will we decide on what infrastructure needs to be built and how can we crowdfund the money in order to pay for the infrastructure? Small communities will be able to vote on what takes priority within their community. From there, we will be able to branch out and vote on bigger problems using the Leaderless platform. 
  • Communications: Without free flowing communications, ideas are stifled and our differences cannot be understood. Google has launched Google Loon, Facebook have deployed drones, Elon Musk plans to launch satellites into space, Lifi will replace WiFi where any light bulb source can be converted to transmit data and Fibre is rolling out incredibly fast. All with the purpose of networking the planet with internet so that people are connected. Here, we will teach people how to create their own networks. Data is the new gold as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If we can create our own networks, we will do away with corrupt government monopolies that stifle innovation.
  • Energy: It is already happening, but here we will help fast forward the ideas in order for people to store more energy and get off the grid quicker. If we can get off the grid, we will do away with state owned systems and in the process clean up our planet of dirty coal.
  • Food and Water: We are fast running out of water and we need new ways to store and conserve what little water we have. Using technologies like The Internet Of Things, devices can be hooked up to measure water usage. If we use less of government infrastructure, we will again move our dependency away from failing infrastructure and teach people how to make their own systems.
  • Transport: Is it possible to convert all our existing trucks to electric vehicles to deliver our food in order to avoid the fluctuation of food prices every time the petrol goes up or down? Every drop of petrol has a tax attached to it. By showing people how to build their own electric vehicles, we will again clean up the planet and move away from our need for oil.
  • Housing: Can we show people how to build their own 3D printer that is capable of printing their own homes? Blockchain technology makes it possible to remove the need for estate agents and lawyers and it is time for them think differently about what they will offer. By showing people how to build their own homes using technologies like 3D printing, we do not have to wait for governments to build people's homes.


This is the fun element of Leaderless. This is where people get to record their content and share their ideas online to disrupt the sectors outlined here where corruption has taken place in order for us to be able to take ownership of our own lives. 

We're encouraging all the makers and professionals to come up with new and innovative ways to do things better so that we can shift ownership to ourselves and not have to wait on government. 

We're at a point in our history, where the disruption will take place so fast, that the job losses are imminent. So much so, that we will need a Universal Basic Income to survive.

Like never before, people will have to learn to collaborate because this is the only way that we will survive as a species.

And, if there is one thing we understand, it is that people have felt like their hands have been tied and don't know how to help the situation we're in.

Together with fibre companies, our goal is to get the internet into as many households as possible so that they have access to the vast amount of ideas that will spark the next thought and the next in order to take ownership and remove corruption and greed.

Offline, the Leaderless team will be recording everything we make so that we too can share the products and services that come out of the ideas. If we make a robot, we will show you how to make that robot. We will show you how to create your own crypto currencies. We will share thoughts and concerns in this very connected world. Together with our partners, we will show you how to 3D print products and then hook them up through the Blockchain.

Perhaps ironically — as we usher in this connected world, how do we teach people how to disconnect from it all and just be human again? This is where our most important course comes in — Flow. Of all the courses, this one we believe is the most important to ensure human connection with one another. More of this will become available soon.

Everything we do will then move through a trust system. This is the Blockchain platform we have begun working on. A decentralised transparent network of Smart Contracts that exist in order for all agreements between parties to be adhered to. It is here where third parties like lawyers and judges will be able to use the Smart Contract to be able to resolve conflicts.

Now is the time for us to teach everyone about these technologies, the disruptive nature of them and how we can use them to help balance the scales.

* Transactions will be encrypted but transparent using Blockchain technology

Upskill and Outwit

Join Leaderless so that you can upskill and upgrade in order take ownership of your own life.