Elon Musk is not going to Mars, he’s hopping to Kepler-186f

I don’t think Elon Musk is going to Mars, I think he is going to hop from one planet to another or at least, that is the goal. And the more I think about what we’re doing at Leaderless, the more I realise that we’re preparing people to hop through space some day. Let me explain…

I wouldn’t say I am the biggest space enthusiast but I do check in whenever I can. I follow the James Webb telescope progress because I want to see how far back this telescope can see compared to the Hubble Telescope. So much so, that I want to see the launch of the James Webb in French Guiana in 2019. If space existence were a human, the Hubble telescope can only look as far back as the teenage years but the James Webb telescope can see as far back as the very beginning where it all began.

NASA had a space programme called the Constellation which was shelved because of budget constraints. This programme would see the completion of the International Space Station, a return the moon and then onto Mars.

Artist's impression of Kepler 186F ~ Leaderless.co
Artist’s impression of Kepler 186F

As technology improves as we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and as space travel becomes a reality as much as flying to another country became a reality, I believe the excitement of the prospect to see space will be the driving force for us to create products that will help us get there.

Already, 3D printers can be sent into space to build the homes we’ll need once we get to Mars which means that by the time we get there, everything will be set up for us. Could a smaller printer print all the materials we will need to eat and drink with and could we learn to live a lean life so that we eat just enough nutrition to get us through the day?

When I think about our end goal, to first build the Leaderless platform that will spark new ideas to educate people and show them how to use technology to make corrupt governments and greed redundant and to then use the profits to build decentralised innovation hubs where we will encourage the adoption of technology to prepare people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, could we be preparing people with the mindset of having no leaders on another planet and can we start creating jobs that will make space exploration truly a possibility? And ,what if the fallout of those products create jobs of the future and cleans up our own planet in the process?

One of our goals in these decentralised innovation hubs is to teach people how to let go of the ego through the Flow programme we’re working on so that people become their own leader. To live a highly optimised conscious life because that is the under consumption mindset one would need to make space exploration a reality.

What kind of person does one send into space if you have the opportunity to start all over again with a clean slate? Do we send the mindset of overconsumption and greed into space or do we send someone who knows how to work together with his fellow man or woman? What does equality look like when we hop from planet to planet and land somewhere that we cannot claim belongs to us? Do we crack open a can of Coke and pollute Mars when we throw it to the ground or do we create our own food products that are plant based, tastes excellent and fires the brain on all cylinders?

How do we agree on the value of anything in outer space? We certainly cannot take nuggets of gold and silver into space because every gram costs money to launch a rocket but a Hashgraph Blockchain application on a mobile phone could very well be the solution to record the fact that the agreement on the value of an exchange took place among a group of space travelers.

It makes sense that Elon Musk’s brother Kimbel is in the natural food industry and that his cousins build Solar City because these are the ingredients that would come together to set up a space hopping programme.

If Elon Musk’s rockets can fly to the International Space Station and land again to refuel and take off again, why stop at Mars? Who wants to live on a dusty planet when you could go to a planet that looks like ours? Perhaps there are fruit there that we have never seen or tasted before. Perhaps there are other beings there that we can learn something profound from. Perhaps it would be so vastly different that we would need to alter our realities through the video games we create on earth.

Indeed, it will take for us to alter our reality on this planet using technologies like Virtual Reality in order for us to let go of how we think things are and be open to accepting what life on another planet might even look like.

Our initial decentralised innovation hub will be for the Leaderless team. Social entrepreneurs who are chosen because they understand that we strive beyond the ego. That the leader will reveal him or herself when the situation arises. It will not be perfect but it is an understanding of what we are working towards in order for us to work towards a common goal on this planet and beyond.

In the coming weeks, we will know if two farming companies here in the Western Cape will come on board to help us with the Vertical Farming courses we want to launch and teach at Leaderless. One of these companies is so forward thinking that they acquire land, work it, make sure that is operational and then hand it over to their people to take ownership of that land. It is these kinds of companies we want to work with to ensure that the migration to the digital world is a smooth one and benefits many — not just a few.

Highly nutritious food is what we need to ensure that the people, whose brains we will educate, are firing on all cylinders so that they can come up with new ideas to create jobs of the future that will no longer have us reply on corruption and greed.

The next decentralised innovation hub will be built along the route of the LongRideToFreedom.com. Each of these hubs will be interconnected with fibre from the Fibre Council of South Africa to ensure that communication is central to the flow of new ideas. And as we work with the Ecommerce Forum of Africa to help grow ecommerce into Africa, the ideas from the platform can be turned into online businesses to sell these disruptive products in order for them to take ownership of their own lives and not have to wait on government’s poor service delivery.

Perhaps small, but a hop from innovation hub to innovation hub could be living life on another planet when space travel becomes a reality?

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