Getting Organised, Building Trust and Removing Greed

Decentralised Society Collaborating | Leaderless.coWe wish you only the best for 2019.

Following on from our post on the 1st about taking extreme ownership, we explain how we as South Africans will get organised and begin taking extreme ownership of our own lives this year.

Why do we need to do this?

Because we’ve lost trust in the systems that we have given too much power over to. Our elected leaders have chosen a path that enrich themselves and those who support them and in doing so, we have had to start fending for ourselves over the last 20 years.

The good news is that we’ve already started this process, thanks to poor service delivery and thanks now to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we’re being forced into jobs where we have to adopt some form of digital integration into our lives that will see this ownership take place at an incredible pace. Luckily, again, we’re already partly there with the powerful device you are reading this message from. All you need to do is learn how to utilise it properly. 

How do we rebuild trust? How do we take extreme ownership and look after ourselves even more? For one thing, we now HAVE to continue to learn every day. For some, this is a given, for others, this is something we need to foster so they too can question everything in order to grow, to find solutions to the problems we face, to become a better version of themselves than yesterday.

Over the next couple of months, we will be rolling out the plans we have been working on since 2015.

The digital age will affect all of us, almost every industry will be automated or disrupted. In China, they are turning copper into gold and that will only improve, which begs the question, what do we chase after now when we have mastered the art of Alchemy? We have no choice but to collaborate and work together. We are being forced to look beyond our egos and the stuff we think makes us better than our neighbour. Beyond our ego is our humanity, below our humanity the principles and our values; the unwritten laws that drives all us forward, below that, our religions, below that our race, below that our gender, below that survival.

If we’re to move forward as humanity, let’s therefore begin with trust. Without it, all systems will fail. Here’s how we’re going to build trust whilst at the same time educate and prepare people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and at the same time remove greed.

  1. Set up Leaderless as a Non Profit Company that is transparent and uses its profits to educate the people and help them prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – DONE.
  2. Partner and work with the Fibre Council Of South Africa – DONE.
  3. Partner and work with the Ecommerce Forum Africa. – DONE.
  4. Get one Virtual Assistant in every town of South Africa – IN PROGRESS.
    • The VA will offer a service to vet new Ecommerce suppliers. These Ecommerce suppliers, once vetted, will earn a Trustmark so that consumers buying from the ecommerce site know that the supplier has jumped through the hoops to be trustworthy.
    • Educate and show them how to write content for Ecommerce products – words trigger emotions, emotions sell products. Mindful products clean up our planet.
    • Show the VA’s how to become Affiliate Marketers to sell other people’s products, especially products that will put more power into the hands of the people.
    • Show them how to do Agile Project Management, so that they become the central organisers of more ecommerce projects and the connectors between product photographers, designers, lawyers, and social media channels.
    • Show them how to manage logistics, complaints and returns.
      There is a lot more we will go into around this but this will be revealed later.
  5. Educate people and show them how to transact online and how to trust websites that have been vetted by the Ecommerce Forum Africa.
  6. Network with more Ecommerce software developers to help with the overflow of work we expect to come in.
  7. Buy software that can be added to already existing Ecommerce stores that allow other people (starting with the VA’s) to become Affiliate Marketers of their products – DONE.
  8. Start building a trusted Blockchain supply chain system that allows the movement of products in a transparent way.
  9. Meet with Uber Eats to help deliver food. If we see runaway technology happen, at the very least, we will need a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs – DONE.
  10. Organise the – an event from Johannesburg to Cape Town to help educate people about digital disruption and what they need to do to educate themselves to take extreme ownership, collaborate and not wait on poor service delivery.
    • The money we raise from this event will go to building Decentralised Digital Neighbourhoods.
    • Helping the Ecommerce Forum Africa grow.

One Ecommerce store at a time, we will remove the need for corporate stores who have opted to adopt Robots and Artificial Intelligence to cut their operational costs, and instead begin moving products between people who have lost their jobs due to automation.

Decentralisation, a movement where people have started looking out for themselves and depend less on poor service delivery, has begun many years ago when more people started working from home. We will move into more service related industries as Lamborghini makes making self healing cars, when autonomous tractors drive themselves 24 hours a day. All we need to do now is get organised to make working together happen at lightning speed.

We have 573 weeks left until 1 January 2030 – the time we have left to make new products that will clean up our planet, remove our addiction to mindless plastic products and leave behind a planet to our children who can drink clean water from the rivers again.

Tomorrow, we bring more Ecommerce software developers together to help with the overflow of work. The goal is to work with developers who truly understand the urgency of shifting an entire country in a new direction.

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