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Why we will need a Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income |

Many people ask me, “when are we going to make money out of Bitcoin again?” My answer is always the same. “You will make money with Bitcoin, but you’re missing the entire point of Bitcoin” What many people are not seeing are the parallels that are happening in the world at the same time. It…

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Decentralised innovation hubs of the future

Decentralised Innovation Hub |

What if we never have to worry about food, water, data or electricity again? What if we can create a universal basic income for people living in decentralised innovation hubs that teach people how to take ownership? What if people can choose their own laws using smart contracts and artificial intelligence within these decentralised innovation…

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Funding Leaderless. PTY vs Non Profit vs ICOs

Leaderless ICO

Yesterday, I went to see our accountant about setting up the Non Profit entity for Leaderless. Initially, I wanted to set Leaderless up as a profit making  business that uses it’s profits to do more social good but after consulting with other Non Profits and to win trust among more people at the end of…

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12 Books that most influenced Leaderless in 2017

Fourth industrial revolution books to read |

Change may not be the word that many people like but as the saying goes, “There is only one constant, and that is change”. So may 2018 be brimmed with new opportunities and changes in everyone’s lives. 2017 Was a year of incredible learning and networking and understanding. For me personally, the Satoshi (penny) dropped…

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5 Small steps to a semi-decentralised society

Truth |

It’s become very clear that our leaders simply cannot be trusted any longer and that the taxes we pay towards service delivery has been abused to enrich the people we elected to lead us instead of uplifting society as a whole. Already we are seeing job losses thanks to mismanagement but as we move into…

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Phase 4 – training 1000 Mindful Software Activisits

Leaderless Project Phases |

In phase 4 of Leaderless, the current phase, our main goal is to train 1000 software activisits. Men and women who want to leverage Blockchain technology because they understand that Trust is at the heart of this technology and they want to see it being used to eradicate corruption. These are the four main courses…

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Leading humanity into a decentralized society

There is no doubt, that we simply cannot continue the way we’re living. From corrupt governments and corporate companies, our rivers and oceans riddled with pollution that we consume, religions that choose to kill in the name of their belief, skin pigmentation that divides IQ from EQ, mass marketing that sells fear of not being…

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