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Phase 4 – training 1000 Mindful Software Activisits

Leaderless Project Phases |

In phase 4 of Leaderless, the current phase, our main goal is to train 1000 software activisits. Men and women who want to leverage Blockchain technology because they understand that Trust is at the heart of this technology and they want to see it being used to eradicate corruption. These are the four main courses…

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Leading humanity into a decentralized society

There is no doubt, that we simply cannot continue the way we’re living. From corrupt governments and greed, our rivers and oceans riddled with pollution that we consume, religions that choose to kill in the name of their belief, skin pigmentation that divides IQ from EQ, mass marketing that sells fear of not being good…

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Fellows Of Fire – Purpose over profit

Fellows Of Fire |

As we inch into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR), where joblessness due to technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and 3D Printing become a reality, it is incredibly important to align oneself with like-minded people willing to lead the way into this exciting and yet scary revolution. This weekend was the first Fellows Of Fire for 2017…

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We have a new home…on the internet

Lawn Robot |

We want to go big and bigger means new office space. Well, at least on the internet for now. So, we’ve moved to a new .co domain name. This will allow us to start offering everything we do at Leaderless in different languages at a later date but for now, we’re enjoying the new green…

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What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin |

In this article: What is Bitcoin? Who created Bitcoin? 2008 Financial crash. Blockchain Technology is now the middle man. Bitcoin is an alternative digital currency that came about after the crippling 2008 financial crash. A whitepaper released by an unknown person or group calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto suggested a new digital currency that would allow people to…

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