Planting trees in a decentralised innovation hub to create jobs of the future

If you have never been to the Redwood Forrests in the USA, put it on your bucket list. It is one of the most profound spiritual experiences I have had, to the point where I would actually want to live in the forest. In the process of creating our first Decentralised Innovation Hub of 150 people who are able to create meaningful relationships, we want to give people the opportunity to live in surroundings as close to nature as possible.

There is a practice in Japan, called Shinron Yoku – literally meaning forest bathing, where companies take their employees to reconnect with nature. But what if we could wake up to that every morning? What if we could plant trees in a Decentralised Innovation Hub that are indigenous to the area that you live in and what if they never have to be cut down because the roots damage your property?

This is exactly what we’re thinking about in the digital homes of the future we want to show people how to build for themselves.

And central to these Decentralised Innovation Hubs will be a school that every young Social Entrepreneur is able to reap the benefits of drawing inspiration from nature to come up with new and creative ways to use the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to clean up the mess we have made in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.

We’ve already begun the process of looking for our first piece of land. Already met with town planners and understand what we can and cannot do on these lands and already have a company willing to help us build these digital homes of the future and already have Caoimhe Bennett helping us to show the benefits of living in green spaces through her studies.

Our initial pilot project will bring in Social Entrepreneurs who understand that in the face of fierce disruption due to the technologies that are here, collaboration over competition is the only way we will be able to survive. We’re going to build small eco-systems where each of these Social Entrepreneurs are supported in order to ensure they survive because it is not easy starting a business without a support network.

We will record everything we do with the idea of educating and showing people how this is done in order to replicate the ideas quickly. Some of these entrepreneurs will perhaps have their own family and the schools we build central to these Decentralised Innovation Hubs will be geared to helping their children reach their highest potential in a world of digital distraction.

As the kids of the future grow up, they will have a Universal Basic Income because the price of everything will drop when automation and 3D printing becomes the norm and crypto currencies have replaced fiat currencies. Their priorities will shift from consumption to conservation and they will have far more freedom to roam the earth and do whatever it is their hearts desire because they have a Blockchain ID with a track record of all the good they have done in the world opening the gates and doing away with background checks and red tape. Language will no longer be a barrier as Artificial Intelligence will bridge the gap between two people speaking their own language and AI takes care of the translation. And, they will be able to reach any destination in the world in 30 to 45 minutes with Elon Musk’s new rocket flights. They will Vlog and Blog about their adventures and tell their stories to the world about what animal they saved or brought back from extinction in a mobile laboratory they 3D printed. They will also reforest the planet using drones, robots and who knows what other technologies are yet to be released.

What if we can start that process earlier and give meaning to their lives from an early age?

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