Using Flow to create meaningful work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By far, this is the most important of all the courses we will offer at Leaderless – Flow. In this incredibly disconnected human world and now that everything will be connected through The Internet Of Things and Blockchain, how do we teach people to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with self, others and nature to live a life of meaning?

Flow is that state of mind where one loses oneself in the moment where you are doing that thing you are so incredibly passionate about. Musicians, artists, writers and dancers will easily be able to tell you what this state of mind is like and sportsmen and women experience this in their favourite sport.

Flow Course |

For me personally, this first happened on a long bicycle journey in 2001 when I had the opportunity of sitting alone on the bike in a meditative state with nothing more than the whirring of my pedals and being out in nature. That moment is a moment where the ego of separation does not exist and for me it brought about the most incredible sense of peace that I had never before experienced. And once one has achieved that state of mind, you will pursue it for the rest of your life like a drug – it will never leave you. If I were to be honest, this is our singular goal of Leaderless; to teach people how to achieve this small window of utter peace because I believe that our souls yearn for nothing more.

When we take that last breathe of air in this lifetime, we exhale and leave behind our education (wisdom) and love.

This love is nothing more than the progressive letting go of our own limitations – small fears every day so that we may become the person we know we’re meant to be. To question everything on a daily basis and truly ask, “Who Am I?” And as we begin to ask these questions, we start letting go of our old beliefs about ourselves to make way for the improved you. In just about every movie you watch, between the lines you will find this message, “Let Go” for attachment is suffering. Is it any wonder that the popular Disney song, “Let It Go”, is so popular? There is a tiny voice in all of us, begging to let go of other people’s views of us to truly break free and attain our highest potential.

Leaderless is designed with education (wisdom) at the core of every course and project we will work on. It is designed to help people question everything around them in order for them to change and become their true selves. And with change comes chaos.

We can all feel this chaos in the world right now and it is thanks to the flood of information that more people are able to access. Despite Social Media being such a time waster, I have to give praise to the mass consciousness it has enabled many people to experience. From WikiLeaks to Peta, the veil of deceit, mistrust and mindless marketing has been revealed through networks that allow us to reconnect with one another, question the veil and return to a transparent world of values where truth and trust is at the heart of our existence.

So what does the Flow course look like that we’re working on?

As the old monitory systems begin to collapse now that people begin to understand the technology behind Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and universal basic salaries become a reality when 3D printing drops the value of almost everything. As Artificial Intelligence learns and takes over many of our jobs. As Blockchain returns Trust but replaces many jobs. As The Internet Of Things allows us to connect our brains directly to the internet and allow us to do any job in the world. As Robots take over mundane jobs nobody wants to do any more we could see this as something that scares us, or we could see The Fourth Industrial Revolution as the revolution for humanity to buy us time do those things we love doing but couldn’t because we were stuck in the jobs of the ego.

  • For starters, it means disconnecting from our digital worlds and reconnecting with ourselves.
  • It means getting out into nature and being grateful that it is thanks to her that we are here in the first place.
  • It means listening and hearing our inner voice.
  • It means collaborating with others.
  • It means understanding how decentralised societies can work thanks to all the technologies we have now to make it possible.
  • For some it may mean taking up a musical instrument or writing just to express creativity.
  • For others it may be using our deep sensory deprivation tanks to solve difficult problems.
  • For others it is an opportunity to create new jobs and solve the problems we created in the first, second and third industrial revolutions.
  • It means pushing our limited boundaries by only 4% every day. Be that emotional, financial, spiritual, mental or physical.
  • It is about relearning forgotten skills – like planting our own food or navigating the stars.

It means being enough.

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