What if Bitcoin is just an agreement to set us free from fear

If ever you’ve read The Four Agreements and the Fifth agreement, and truly allowed these principles to sink in and let it become your new reality, then you would understand that everything in life is just an agreement in some form or another. So too is it with money.


I’d like to add a Sixth agreement

Money is just an energy:
Think of currency rather as a battery in your phone that stores energy instead of paper money. Currency comes from the latin word “to flow” and like an electric current needs to flow, you will discharge (spend) and recharge your battery (save) as you gain value from the information your phone allows you. To stay connected and become self aware.

I’ll never forget the day Bitcoin really sunk in for me. I was walking back from a piece of land I had been pursuing for almost 3 years at Paardevlei where I wanted to set up our first digital literacy school to help prepare people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I was walking with Gavin Marshall, one of South Africa’s foremost thinkers in terms of Cryptocurrencies and with whom I was able to connect with on a deeply conscious level. By that stage, everything about Blockchain technology made sense but it was this meeting where everything fell into place.

When the proverbial penny dropped, on the way back to Triggerfish – a little brewery less than 100m away from the land I wanted, it’s as if it rained 1’s and 0’s from the sky like something out of the Matrix. And for the very first time, I could attach a value to absolutely everything. I could see just how incredibly powerful Bitcoin is and how everything about money up until that point had been a lie packaged in a nice little box of jargon designed to confuse people of something that is otherwise incredibly simple.

I had been struggling with the idea of money for a long time before then. I recall digging deep into the history of money and researching the word Currency, which in latin means, “to flow”.

Today, I see everything in terms of relationships and letting go of how I think everything was taught to me to a new reality of what actually is. This includes my long relationship with the idea of money.

We are humans, our freedom is of highest value to us and money is meant to create the opportunities to set us free of what we have been told through the mindless marketing engines owned by the super rich to prevent people from thinking for themselves. The true value that is stored in the battery — the ability to connect with loved ones or to unlearn and relearn a new truth is what we want most out of life as we walk this journey to free our minds and speak a new truth.

For me, Bitcoin went much much deeper. I question everything to death, and asked the question of how gold — that metal element that everyone rushes back to when markets crash — got its value. I went as far back as the story of Jesus and one of the three wise men bringing a present of gold to Jesus. I comprehend what everyone tells me. That it is scarce, that it is divisible, that it doesn’t erode, that it’s a great conductor of electricity but still this is only an agreement that everyone has come to and we all agree to it without questioning it further.

To say that the aha moment was massive would be an understatement. When 100 000 000 one’s and zeros from one Bitcoin dropped from the sky above, I was able to attach a value to absolutely everything in life and it was then that I understood just how powerful Bitcoin is. I could see how 0.00000001 Satoshi could be attached to a drop of rain making it more valuable than gold will ever be. I could see how water could be used to purchase anything for nothing is more valuable than life itself. And Bitcoin would be the store of that value.

We’re about to hit the biggest financial crash the world has ever seen. The world is in chaos because people are finally seeing through the lies of jargon that make money so difficult to understand and the perceived value of fiscal money is not adding true value to their lives when it is meant to uplift humanity as a whole.

In the past, two people would come together and agree on what the fair value of a bartered trade was. Then, along came a third party and promised to keep an IOU of who owes what to whom only to hoard more of the value and use compound interest to tip the scales in their favour. Now, Bitcoin holds this ledger and the technology that runs Bitcoin (Blockchain) will cut out the middleman allowing people to once again come to agreements of their own on the fair trade of any exchange.

Like a battery in your phone, you never want to overcharge it for fear that it may not work as efficiently as it should and giving you less time to stay connected to loved ones and you also don’t want it below the quarter mark and die because as much as Social Media might be a time waster, no technology allows people to connect faster to see through all the lies and fight corruption.

The universe has a way of balancing the scales. Data and energy will become the new currency we trade with in order to balance the scales again. Let go and like all agreements, agree to this new truth.

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