Why we will need a Universal Basic Income

Many people ask me, “when are we going to make money out of Bitcoin again?” My answer is always the same. “You will make money with Bitcoin, but you’re missing the entire point of Bitcoin”

What many people are not seeing are the parallels that are happening in the world at the same time. It is these parallels that are causing uncertainty and chaos in the world right now that is testing our way of thinking, that is forcing us to look differently at the way we perceive the world.

Robots will take over mundane jobs and software bots will take over repetition. I work with CRM systems for clients and we train the software to find repetitive tasks and automate these tasks so that people are free to focus on tasks that actually are beneficial to the company, so bots will replace people. Blockchain technology is so disruptive that it removes the need for a middleman altogether. You can sell your house to someone with Bitcoin and remove the need for an agent and a lawyer thanks to the fact that you cannot tamper or delete the transaction that occurred.

If 90% of car accidents are caused by human beings, then self driving vehicles will become law in the not so distant future removing the need for taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers and even motorcycle riders with self balancing motorbikes now. This means that we will no longer need to pay someone that salary, which in effect, should make products cheaper when people come to understand it this way and demand price reductions.

Universal Basic Income | Leaderless.coPetrol and Diesel will be replaced by electric vehicles which means that every time the price of oil goes up, everything down the supply chain goes up. What’s worse is that when the price of petrol goes down, supermarkets do not lower their prices to accommodate the drop of transport costs. Instead, they consciously know that people are now used to this new price and will continue to pay the new price, despite the fact that it has become cheaper to get the food to you.

3D printing will only get better and better. Today we can print plastic pieces which is a good start because we can seriously start thinking about cleaning up our planet in the process when we make new products that will solve another problem. 3D printers will get bigger too so that we can make large scale objects like cars.

Our brains will be connected to the internet. We will go from handheld devices to Virtual Reality to implants directly into our brains and if we own a 3D printer, we will be able to think about an object we want to print and the 3D printer will be able to start printing it where it is sitting in the corner of the room, the same way bionic limbs are currently controlled by brain signals. So products again will become cheaper.

Nanobees are tiny robots being sent into the blood stream to fight cancer cells. More and more non invasive procedures will be invented putting a threat to doctor’s jobs. And kids in Australia have already managed to reverse engineer a drug to sell for $2 versus a greedy US$750.

This is why Universal Basic Incomes are becoming a serious conversation. The advances in technology is going to speed up as we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the disruption is only going to double, triple and quadruple in the coming years.

But it is here where I get excited. I don’t see this as a threat but as an opportunity. It is an opportunity for us to slow down and start enjoying life again. I say, bring on the robots, bring on the artificial intelligence, bring on the 3D printers and self driving cars so that we can seriously bring in a Universal Basic Income that covers everyone’s basic needs in order for people to explore more of their talents, for people to have more time to spend with their loved ones, to buy the time so that we can bring our kids up with core values and principles again. I say, tax the robots and the software bots to build our infrastructure.

The children growing up today will have jobs very different to the jobs as we understand them. Already, many of the millenials are not buying into the life we were programmed to have, the same way our parents were programmed the way their parents brought them up.

As things get cheaper, we will do away with the idea of a “job” and instead, let’s call it an exploration of talents and creativity. Compared to my dad who stuck with his job to the end of his days, I was free to explore jobs every few years. 

Every generation being born today will blend more and more with technology and they will disrupt the status quo. It will get harder and harder to put a patent on anything and fighting it in court with the most expensive lawyer money can buy will become impossible because kids will learn how to put all law books into an artificial intelligence software and make it free to everyone because they believe the world needs to be able to afford justice.

It is time. Time for us to let go of how we think the world has always worked and to pivot and start thinking about new ways of existing as humans.

It is for this reason that the profits we make through the Leaderless platform, will build decentralised innovation hubs that not only teaches, but encourages social entrepreneurs to adopt technology so that they may continue to seek authentic purpose and meaning in their lives without the need for someone to control them but instead to help them take ownership of their own lives.

The mindset will change. Our children’s children will choose not to own anything in this new circular economy that they choose because it is better for the environment and because space exploration is a reality and you cannot carry bricks of gold and silver with you into space but you can use distributed ledger to agree on value. They will be driven by a deep yearning to pursue purpose and meaning and through this inner exploration, they will find their values.

Trust is that one core value that everything is based on. Without it, relationships crumble and we as humanity cannot move forward. Bitcoin is about trust not about how much money you will make off it. If you can see the many parallels happening in the world right now, you will see why everything will get cheaper and why we will need a Universal Basic Salary and not how to profit off everything.

In essence, we’re finding our essence.

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