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Hemp production in South Africa – a heartful meeting of minds

Today we met with Lance, our lead on the hemp production side of the Leaderless project. Our goal is to grow hemp on the land we identify and use it to build out the buildings we want to build along the 3000km fiber optic line of the Long Ride To Freedom. Sipho Kwakeni, our spokeswoman and yogi who also wants to build a village in the Eastern Cape got to meet Lance and Tony Budden from Hemporium who has been in the industry for over 25 years fighting to let go of the restrictions around Hemp.

Hemp is the cousin plant to Marijuana but you cannot get high off of it. It’s been banned for a number of reasons which is a real pity because we can literally make thousands of products from hemp, including houses, curtains, oils, food, cars, paper and more. We want to grow it and grow it fast because it means we do not need to cut down the lungs of our planet. It is hardy, grows like a weed and grows quickly compared to trees.



Join us.

And create the greatest collaboration to move humanity in a direction of universal human values.


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