3D Printing – our next Fourth Industrial Revolution course

We have very big plans for Leaderless and these are under way but we quickly came to realise that we need to first help many people become aware of the technologies that are coming in Fourth Industrial Revolution and to help them understand the Trust behind Blockchain. We’re happy to announce that these are off the ground now and that we’ve started working on the next courses, 3D Printing and Flow.

3D Printing just gets better and better every day. Already, people are 3D printing small trinket items, to guns, to cars, to body parts, to houses. There are 3D Printers that are printing 3D Printers and if we can teach these skills, we will be able to bring a lot of the outsourced jobs back to our own countries. And when it comes to saving costs, we will see an explosion of ideas coming out.

No longer will you need to buy an expensive replacement mirror for your car if you can just 3D print one from home. All you need is for someone to do the exact measurements, generate a 3D printer file for your 3D printer and off you go, you can now replace that mirror that would have cost you thousands.

What if we could truly use the Fourth Industrial Revolution to clean up the first, second and third industrial revolutions of the plastic we have wasted. What if we could create rubbish bins that pay us in Bitcoin when you feed it plastic only to convert it into a reel of 3D Printer filament?

What if we can replace those insane costs of glasses with our own personalised 3D printed frames?

The ideas are endless, all we need do is question the impossible and print it.

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