Goodbye 2018, hello extreme ownership in 2019

Extreme ownership in 2019 to create the world we want to live in |

Ask not what your country did for you in 2018, ask what you can do for your country in 2019 ~ (a slight change to John F. Kennedy’s words)

As we say goodbye to 2018, a year filled with more political chaos and scandal than one could ever need in a lifetime, I am filled with incredible hope for a future that is bright, exciting and managed by the people and not the politicians.

Never before have we had so much technology and “know-how” to remove fear and greed and it is this that I will spend the rest of my days teaching.

This of course, is our greatest challenge. How do we lead the horse to the water and convince that horse it is carrot juice? We think we may have an answer to that.

If you consider that the entire financial world is being disrupted, that the words, “money makes the world go round” is slowly starting to evaporate right before our eyes when Millenials no longer buy into home loans backed by the banks, they take Ubers and no longer buy cars backed by the banks and as they become aware of technologies like Blockchain that no longer requires the banks, the outlook looks far brighter.

See, at the heart of this life, we believe we’re here to be of service to one another. We would not survive otherwise as a species. So, if we’re here to be of service, then there really is only a handful of jobs to do in this world and each of these job’s intent is to allow people along their journey in this lifetime to overcome one small fear every day in order for them to reach their highest potential.

At the end of our journey, we believe our souls want nothing more than to overcome fear and to find peace. To leave behind the wisdom of the lessons we learned and to have shared the love you have gained by working through your own fears, to help someone else overcome theirs.

Convincing the horse to drink the carrot juice therefore becomes that much easier when you know that in this lifetime your vocation comes back to only a few options. You’re either a teacher, a healer, a creator, a feeder, an entertainer or a mix of all them. This is the why of your purpose, this is the meaning behind everything you do.

Robots will build the infrastructure, software automation and AI will will do the calculations and remove accountants. Overpaid movie stars will pass on but 3D versions of themselves will live on through the ever improving mathematical equations of software rendering and their consciousness will be uploaded and attached to them through every tap of a mobile keyboard we feed into Google and Facebook, making them come alive and live on forever. The world will be networked like never before, releasing a tsunami of knowledge that will show people how to do just about anything.

Multiply this at exponential levels because our current fear of not being or having enough drives our need and greed to profit off the latest fad and we will see technology skyrocket to scary heights.

Where does this leave us when we have automated it all, when we have killed off all the jobs? With Time.

To create and sell 25,000 different renewable Hemp products that we are still fighting to legalise because big corporates fear losing control over their already lost fiscal world. To educate our children and allow them to become who they really want to be. To heal the wounds of a nation because we can sit around the campfire and discuss our differences; slowly, meticulously and three levels higher than our previous emotional intelligence. To breathe new life into our planet because our backyards have turned into small precision farms, cutting out the expensive supermarket one baby carrot at a time. To continue to weave the message between the lines of the stories we have heard before but cannot hear because of the noise pollution around us until one day, the entertainer says but one word to strike the chord of truth that leads us down a new path of adventure to help overcome the fears of yesterday.

How do we get there? By getting organised. By taking ownership. By being Leaderless.

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