Fellows Of Fire – Purpose over profit

As we inch into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR), where joblessness due to technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and 3D Printing become a reality, it is incredibly important to align oneself with like-minded people willing to lead the way into this exciting and yet scary revolution.

This weekend was the first Fellows Of Fire for 2017 and this is where we have found those like-minded people. People who come together with purpose.

It all started when I met Dr. Adheesh Budree at an Ecommerce Forum of Africa meeting. Something he mentioned made me realise that this was a person to connect with. After our first meeting, where I told him about the Leaderless project he insisted that I come to the next Fellows meeting. Of course, I instantly had to research it and there it was, the people I have been looking for.

The idea of Fellows is simple – it’s back to basics. A weekend is organised at a camp ground and a topic is selected to discuss on that weekend. Turns out, that the first one was all about Disruption; exactly what I was looking for.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed and introduced to the many walks of life who have come together with the soul purpose to…

  1. Build Trust
  2. Do Meaningful Work and
  3. Make A Difference

These three core values are the driving force behind the idea. It is not about religion, gender or race – it is about bringing your networks together to make that difference!

At Fellows, you do not know get to know everyone’s details the first time you go. The idea being that you arrive there on the same playing field – as a human. It is only in your interactions and the stories you hear around the fire place that you begin to stand in awe of the people around you. From doctors to lawyers to judges, car sales people and quantity surveyors. And you’re there to have deep discussions.

The weekend started out with the concerns around Digital Disruption and what it means for humanity. We were the last to speak on the day and Ayanda who spoke just before me spoke about Leadership which wrapped everything up nicely for us to hopefully put people’s concerns at ease and to let them know that despite all the technology and possible job losses, there is a lot of positive to come out of the changes that we face.

I believe, that given the state of our current situation and the 4iR changes on the horizon, this group will grow from strength to strength.

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