Meeting with Judge Heath to help change our laws to accommodate technology

The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect everyone’s lives, even judges and attorneys as Artificial Intelligence shows in this video that it is time to rethink what lawyers jobs will look like in the future.

Today, our meeting with former judge Willem Heath and his son was about the importance of helping us change laws that might need changing due to the imminent technology disruption and the stifling of ideas due to some of the laws in place.

Thanks to Blockchain technology and smart contracts, people will now be able to start choosing which law they would like to apply in any given agreement. Perhaps it is English law or American law or South African law. What matters is that the agreement has been met, the smart contract is on the Blockchain and if there is to be a disagreement, then the lawyers can use Artificial Intelligence to very quickly pull the information they need to resolve the conflict in case of disagreements.

What is certain, is that people in the law industry need to shift their own business models to learn more about Artificial Intelligence. AI will most certainly speed up the backlog of court cases racked up thanks to the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be done.

In South Africa alone, the amount of crime that is committed on a daily basis is astronomical and over time people have become numb to petty crime that in other countries are considered a more serious crime. It is here that AI like Ailira can help lawyers work faster to get get through a days work in order for us to bring about some form of “normalcy” to an otherwise crime ridden country.

Raspberry Pi computers have already been connected to people’s brains and AI like Ailira will only get better. Now couple that with Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology and soon, everyone will be able to understand the law and what was agreed on in any given transaction. What does this mean for the future of the lawyer?

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