Phase 4 – training 1000 Mindful Software Activisits

In phase 4 of Leaderless, the current phase, our main goal is to train 1000 software activisits. Men and women who want to leverage Blockchain technology because they understand that Trust is at the heart of this technology and they want to see it being used to eradicate corruption.

These are the four main courses we will offer in our initial launch.

  • Social Entrepreneurship – In a world where most jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, robots, Blockchain and automation, how do we train people to become more mindful and create businesses with purpose?
  • Blockchain technology – At the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution sits The Blockchain. Possibly the most important technology we will need as we move into the digital world.
  • Internet Of Things – Digital devices that will be connected to everything to be able to monitor and improve everything from water saving to early weather warning to food supply chains.
  • Ecommerce – Once a business has been built, how do we create an online store, manage warehousing, reverse logistics and customer service.

Of the people we train, we’d like those who understand the Leaderless vision, to join us and help create the many self-organising, decentralized societies we want to build in later phases of Leaderless.

Once these course have been established we will introduce two more courses.

  • 3d Printing – How to create products with 3D printers to stimulate new opportunities and create ways to minimise waste.
  • FlowHow to reach your highest potential? Flow can be described as that moment where you lose yourself in that which love doing most. It is that state that, once reached, you will seek for the rest of your life because you’re able to connect to something higher than yourself where creativity and simplicity naturally flow.


Leaderless has been in the making since 2015. In phase one we decided how best we can put the word “education” at the center of all our decision making to come up with a profit making business that would be used to make a profound difference and educate people to lead them back to their core principles and values.

In phase two, we networked with like-minded people to help us carry out our Vision. These networks will be used to channel the content we create to educate millions more.

In phase three, we gathered the tools needed to start shaping the Leaderless platform. These tools are the courses we will teach in phase four to educate many more people to create a business built on trust, transparency and ownership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In phase 5, we will use the profits we make to build onto the Leaderless platform in order for us to further our educational reach. The profits we make here will be used to start building the Ogel Schools we want to build.

Stick around. Phase six, seven, eight, nine and onward will be a bumpy but exciting ride.

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