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10 Values of a great leader

Sure, some people are born with the natural ability to lead, but leadership can be taught too. More importantly, true leaders understand that it is their job to create more leaders – they are unafraid that the student will surpass the teacher and know that this is just the natural progression of life.

Inherently, the values below exist in all of us because they have existed for eternity. Our job is to nurture them and allow them to grow.

  1. Responsibility

    Leaders understand they cannot and will not blame anyone or anything for their situation or circumstances. Every single event in your life is due to choices you have made. Take ownership, be responsible.

  2. Honesty

    The age old lyrics, “The truth shall set you free” is the chorus of all the values a leader strives for. In our incredibly busy lives, hardly do we have or make the time to ask, “Who am I, What do I want,  Where am I going, When will I achieve my passions or How can I change?” Leaders ask these questions daily and the more honest they get, the more they are able to set others free. Start with the basics. What colour/s do I like? The more you question, the more you’ll learn about yourself and become who you were meant to be.

  3. Integrity

    The words, “I am” are the two most powerful words you will ever utter because it is what follows those words that become your reality.

  4. Respect

    Just like romantic love, one cannot force someone to respect someone else. Respect is earned when all the values outlined here are exercised. Respect, just like trust can be lost in a single moment when the leader goes against her words or actions.

  5. Courage.

    I believe in only two things. Love and the absence of love – fear. All of us have the courage to be who we are meant to be. We all know what we are good at but all too often are too afraid to let that light shine. Leaders know how to bring that out in others by planting small seeds to allow them to grow within themselves, to step through the next doubt, get over the next hurdle, or cut the red tape. All with the pure intent of helping the next person work through their fear and learn to love themselves.

  6. Humility.

    We are far more powerful than we choose to believe. But with great power comes great responsibility and a leader who has made it his/her life to encompass all of the values outlined here, understands the greater good they need to achieve in service to others. Being humble is knowing you are great but knowing everyone else is great too because you see people as your equal. No higher, no lower.

  7. Service.

    As a person striving to become an authentic leader, they learn that it is part of their growth to want to help others grow too. Growth is the Long Walk To Freedom – it is the daily process of letting go of the fears that hold us back from becoming the person we’re meant to be and in doing so, we become of service to others.

  8. Authenticity.

    When your thoughts, words and deeds align. When what you think, say and do are the same thing, you are a well rounded individual. True Leaders say what they mean and mean what they say. The more a person works on their values, the  more instantly you can feel when someone being their authentic selves.

  9. Making a difference.

    An authentic leader aims to make a positive difference no matter whose path they cross. She understands that there is a bigger picture where humanity is going and she strives to bring out the best in people.

  10. Wisdom

    Through the process of coming to understand these values, the vast differences that make us human and through the mistakes we make in the quest to be our better selves, the deep inner wisdom that exists like air but cannot be seen comes becomes the leader’s second nature – it just is. This wisdom allows us to make informed, better decisions whenever we’re faced with the next choice.

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