Leading humanity into a decentralized society

There is no doubt, that we simply cannot continue the way we’re living.

From corrupt governments and greed, our rivers and oceans riddled with pollution that we consume, religions that choose to kill in the name of their belief, skin pigmentation that divides IQ from EQ, mass marketing that sells fear of not being good enough and the increasing divide between the rich and the poor.

It seems sometimes like there is nothing we can do. But, what if we could use the technologies that are coming in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR) to create time to right the many wrongs that were created in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions?

The 4iR brings with it an explosion of new ideas that will change everything as we know it. Every child growing up today will think on a conscious level brought about by the ability to question everything to free their minds of the limitations set upon the previous generation of limited proprietary thinking.

In a world where robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and technologies like Blockchain will replace jobs, it is time for us to start collaborating and leading with purpose. To educate and show people how to disrupt so that what we generate more time for us to reconnect with ourselves and others.

We believe that if you ask anyone what they would like more of, they would say that they would like more Time and that is what we believe we’re selling at Leaderless.

Time to reconnect with ourselves and one another.
Time to think and be creative.
Time to collaborate over compete.
Time for purpose over profit.
Time to heal our bodies.
Time to free our minds.
Time to reach our highest potential.
Time to free ourselves of fear.

The profits we make will build additional schools called Ogel schools where we can reach and replicate these ideas quickly. It is incredibly important to us that we build these schools in natural surroundings so that we can teach people how to disconnect and reconnect with nature – that which nurtures their soul and stirs their creativity.

We can choose to free ourselves of fear and consciously create the world we want to live in using the technologies that WE created because we’ve always been pushing to free ourselves and reach our highest potential.

We can choose to take ownership and lead humanity to a decentralized society of values and principles that guide us all.

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