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The personal coach

Perhaps the best explanation I have heard of running a business is that of being a pilot. You are faced with a bank of knobs and dials that you need to be on top of otherwise this sardine can with wings will fall into the ocean. So, if I could do it all over again, the first thing I would most certainly do is find a good business coach – someone that is going to help you navigate the turbulence and manage the leftover  fuel when things just do not seem to go your way.

By now I have had several business coaches and each one of them have played a vital role in my personal and business goals. But as you begin to understand what it is you are meant to be doing in this life, what your values are, then you begin to align yourself with those coaches who are going to fly a very long journey with you.

Linda Germishuizen of Psychmastery is one of those business coaches who understands that what we want to create at Leaderless is an example of a Social Entrepreneurship led business. Together, she’s helping us navigate this dream that otherwise seems an impossible task of what the South African businesses’ roles might be like in the future of a country who desires identity and leadership.

As we progress, we will be writing about our progress together and how she is helping me to steer the ship and ensure that Leaderless becomes a legacy to leave behind.

Join us.

And create the greatest collaboration to move humanity in a direction of universal human values.