Asking our clients for help to build a big 3D printer

This week we went to see an existing client of Vane’s to help us build a big 3D printer. The exercise is to build a small deliver vehicle that can deliver ecommerce products but the real goal is to plant a small seed of possibility – that we can 3D print our own cars.

How to build a 3D printed car like the Strati |
Strati 3D printed car

What if we can clean up the planet of plastic and print the parts for a beach buggy, then convert that buggy into an electric vehicle? From something as basic as this, can we spark the interest of many young people to build their own beach buggys and convert them into electric vehicles?

One drop of petrol less, is one drop in a cleaner ocean and one less corrupt official making millions off the price of petrol which pushes up the price of food around the world.

If 90% of car accidents are caused by humans, it will not be long before autonomous driving vehicles will become law. Now, what if we can use open source autonomous driving vehicle technology to drive this agenda forward and completely disrupt the transport industry?

In October, we head up the coast of South Africa where will talk to farmers and consumers about bypassing supermarkets through a Blockchain supply chain and deliver healthier food directly to the consumer – in essence, directly to the Innovation Hubs we want to build up the coast of South Africa. Can we build small Tuk Tuk delivery vehicles or trucks converted to electric that cuts out the middleman, the processed foods and chemicals that make us sick?

Much as I absolutely love a Tesla, I do believe the age of personalisation and ability to clean up our environment has arrived. If autonomous driving technology will become law and therefore remove many accidents in the process, would the process of having to crash test a car become less, especially if you use the chasis of an existing car – like a beach buggy to start with.

Join us if you want to get involved in this project

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